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Fully Animatronic FX Gorilla Suit

Some of Our Projects

Bad Trip



International Jeep Commercial

Gorilla Wants Banana


Feature Film – Turkey ( Trailer )

Walk The Prank – Disney

Fameless – TruTv

David Spade’s prank show

About Us

Welcome to the our extraordinary FX movie gorilla suit, where realism meets imagination to create an unparalleled visual spectacle. Our FX gorilla suit is the pinnacle of special effects craftsmanship, designed to immerse audiences in a thrilling and lifelike experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our gorilla suit was designed concerning every aspect, from the texture of the fur to the muscular structure and has been meticulously sculpted and textured to create an authentic and realistic gorilla. The suit utilizes state-of-the-art materials and techniques, incorporating advanced animatronics, prosthetics, and mechanical components. Our gorilla performers specialize in realistic movements, and expressions, bringing the gorilla to life in a way that will leave audiences spellbound. The suit is ergonomically designed to provide maximum flexibility and range of motion, enabling actors to deliver captivating performances while embodying the strength and agility of a real gorilla. Versatility is another hallmark of our FX gorilla suit. Whether it’s for film and television productions, theme park attractions, live performances, or promotional events, our suit can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project. With customizable features and adaptable designs, we ensure that our suit seamlessly integrates into any creative vision. Prepare for an unforgettable encounter with our gorilla suit, where the magic of special effects meets the untamed spirit of the wild.

    Let's head off to an Ape-pic adventure!

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